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Introduction to Verdure

Verdure Sciences® is a supplier of plant-based ingredients with an emphasis on intrinsic synergies and clinically backed tangible health applications.

Many botanical extracts are known for their long history as a traditional remedy in their country of origin. As globalization, agricultural practices, and environmental factors continue to change, consumers prefer to buy products that have proven safety, efficacy, and clinical substantiation. Verdure was founded on the demand to answer these needs. By investing in the research of various botanicals and maintaining rigorous quality control expectations for growing, harvesting, and manufacturing, this market need has translated into Verdure’s strength and differentiation.

Q: Describe how your business embraces a bold mindset. How does this translate to impact in your industry? How does this translate to impact on the local economy?

A: We’ve created breakthroughs in advancing natural plant-based therapeutic delivery forms via a global footprint by aligning with the top brands within the industry. In doing so we’ve contributed to the consumer confidence in natural dietary supplement products especially with supply chain management including traceability, quality, and purity coupled with scientific rigor by aligning ourselves with highly reputable organizations and universities in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. As for the local economy it has given us an opportunity to invest in a brand new campus which we opened last week, commitment to hiring additional high paying jobs, and exploring avenues to set up the future supply chain for North American grown botanicals, including Maple.

Our facility is conducive for bringing in customers and health care professionals for training and symposiums from around the world, which obviously impacts other Noblesville business in a positive manner.

Q: What does being bold mean internally, as an element of your company culture?

A: It begins with expectations we set for each individual within the organization, that the sky is the limit for growth, striving for perfection is in our DNA, addressing competition and threats as a  positive challenge, not to get too comfortable as we cannot continue to be innovative nor excel, and be accepting of change to truly embrace the global marketplace.

Q: Will you share how your innovation-mindset attracts talent in today’s workforce? Touch on how important talent attraction is for your business.

A: Our business is very unique for not only Noblesville and Indiana but the Midwest region in general. The Natural Products Industry is rapidly growing while always under evolving regulation. In particular, Supply Chain, Quality management, and R&D are key areas for innovation as well as continuous improvements. Hence, finding the right talent and fit for not only the specific Industry but also the key areas of the business is critical. Having the likes of Purdue, IU, and other institutions is definitely a great asset; however, other that are more familiar with the industry offers a large pool of talent, and it imperative to have not only a great workplace but growing communities with great living, healthcare, education, and entertainment options for employees.

Q: As a Noblesville business, share a few examples of how the local landscape supports your culture, growth, and ability to be bold.

A: Having been in Hamilton County for the last 21 years, Verdure moved from Carmel to Noblesville 15 yrs ago for the opportunity to be part of the growth, where the companies presence is valued and align in common goals for the positive impact on the community. When we began looking to build our headquarters we looked at multiple locations primarily throughout Hamilton and Marion County, and ended up staying with Noblesville because they believed in our vision, to provide a corporate facility that enables us to provide a great working environment that values wellness and health of both the workers and those our work touches both internally and externally.

Our seven-acre campus provides a natural wetland that embraces native plantings, walking trail, greenhouse, and wellness facility where employees can engage in multiple wellness activities from yoga, gardening, or enjoys the proximity to the soon to be complete midland trail!

Learn more about the City of Noblesville’s Stay Here Grow Here initiative.