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Introduction to Helmer

Helmer Scientific provides integrated solutions for safeguarding temperature-sensitive medications, blood therapies, and biologics. Helmer serves healthcare customers in more than 130 countries from its US headquarters in Noblesville, IN, which also houses its R&D center and advanced FDA GMP manufacturing operations.

Q: Describe how your business embraces a bold mindset. How does this translate to impact in your industry? How does this translate to impact on the local economy?

A: Two primary areas spring to mind:  First, since 2010, we shifted toward a bold new strategy that focuses on our emerging role as a key part of integrated supply networks in healthcare, not just a medical equipment manufacturer focused on storage of Blood and Medications.  This shift in mindset required the development of all new software development and integration capabilities to go along with our longstanding strengths in refrigeration engineering and FDA-compliant advanced manufacturing. This strategy directly impacts the local community through the creation of higher tech jobs in IOT-related work but also indirectly in that we are confident that the integrated products we are developing will actually improve the safety and reduce costs of temperature-sensitive medications and blood transfusions over time.  

Secondly, we have continued to embrace a bold mindset in our generosity programs and culture.  Through extraordinary volunteerism, we support many non-profit partners who are making a tremendous difference in the lives of vulnerable people both across the globe and in our own central  Indiana community. It would have been easy to become complacent with our generosity programs after we won the Indiana Governors Service Award in 2013, but we boldly doubled down, creating a cross-functional steering team in 2016 that injected all new life in our giving.  We created all- new granting and volunteer support programs with an objective of supporting the underlying service interests of our employees. The result has been an outpouring of support and engagement from our teams and new levels of impact for the community.

Q: What does being bold mean internally, as an element of your company culture?

A: Our culture demonstrates boldness by resisting the complacency that can come with 40 years of success.  We talk frequently about heritage not being synonymous with culture and ensuring that nostalgia never becomes a reason to avoid the pursuit of improvement and innovation.  Just a few short years ago, we decided to invest in a whole new team dedicated to continuous improvement and driving bold changes and re-invention at Helmer. This was a bold move for a relatively small company but demonstrated a commitment to growth and change.  The results have been amazing. There is no part of our business that isn’t being constantly innovated, and we love the process of learning and growth.

Q: Will you share how your innovation-mindset attracts talent in today’s workforce. How important is talent attraction is for your business?

A: We have found that the higher-tech strategy we’ve undertaken recently has been more newsworthy and that buzz can help us get the attention of a larger talent pipeline in an otherwise noisy environment.  Our goal is to attract bright, high character people who care about others and want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Since our core business is to support customers who literally save lives every day, we have discovered that if we can get people with those characteristics in the door, they usually want to stay!


Q: As a Noblesville business, will you share a few examples of how the local landscape supports your culture, growth, and ability to be bold?

A: We were one of the first tenants in the Saxony business park near Hamilton Town Center and, in the ten or twelve years since, it has grown to provide all of the amenities we could have hoped for as far as restaurants, hotels, and services.   The location has been ideal for us given our draw of employees from throughout central Indiana.

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