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BorgWarner: People Creating Solutions and Products That Change the World.

BorgWarner: People Creating Solutions and Products That Change the World.

BorgWarner amplifies how bold business impacts our landscape at the local and global pulse.  The company commits to creating solutions and products with the application of science and technologies, to support and promote a clean, energy-efficient world.  

“We’re constantly pursuing what is next,” says Dan Stewart, Director of Global Operations Engineering.  “Our proven track record has made us a propulsion system leader for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles. We uncover strong trends and use smart science and technology to address a future based on varying regulations, consumer demands and automaker requirements.”

BorgWarner’s 100,000 square-foot technical center in Noblesville opened in June. This state-of-the-art facility now combines operations from the company’s facilities in Anderson and Pendleton.  Features of the center include a high capacity lab allowing a greater volume of research and development to meet the needs of its growing demand in building and testing electrified products.

When asked why Borg Warner chose Noblesville, Stewart replied, “We really liked the site we had picked, partially due to easy off, easy on location next to the interstate.”  Stewart added, “The location alone gave us visibility to the public, customers and potential new employees.”

Prior to selecting Noblesville for their site, BorgWarner’s overall analysis showed younger employees were already buying homes or renting in Noblesville and nearby.  Naturally, the company’s leadership translated this location as an asset for recruiting new talent and maintaining a workforce. Stewart said, “The City of Noblesville worked really hard with the people involved and developed a very competitive and attractive incentive package that created a win/win among BorgWarner, Noblesville, and Hagerman.”

Inside BorgWarner’s Noblesville building, there is a clear and thoughtful design presence.  Embracing an open concept connects to the company’s vision of always improving and discovering how to change the world.  BorgWarner is a global leader in providing clean and efficient vehicle propulsion solutions. They maintain this position because doing, thinking, and being bold creates an invaluable impact.  The City of Noblesville is honored to have innovative, global-minded businesses within its landscape. Businesses like BorgWarner attract and provide a strong workforce and make the city even better by being here.

BorgWarner highlights:

  • Reported $9.8 Billion in Sales 2017
  • Employ 29K professionals worldwide; 300 employed at Noblesville location
  • Manage 66 office locations in 18 countries
  • Support Vehicle Markets Including; Light Vehicles, Medium Heavy Duty, Off-Highway, Aftermarket

Products and company information at

SMC’s Growth Brings Big Impact to Noblesville

SMC’s Growth Brings Big Impact to Noblesville

Staying Here and Growing Here Brings Big Impact to Noblesville

SMC is a global organization that promotes advanced automation through automated control technology.  With customers in every industrialized country in the U.S, SMC products support automation to contribute to labor savings in industry.  The company is based in Japan, with its North American, and now South American headquarters here in Noblesville.

With a mission of delivering first-class business solutions, SMC provides superior products and high quality customer service to the automotive, semiconductor, food/packaging, natural resource, life science and machine tool sectors of industry.  SMC has an environment that values talent in its workforce and embraces interaction with community. 

Staying Power In Noblesville

Noblesville offers a great landscape for expanding SMC’s footprint. The company’s leadership values the community’s expansive access to lifestyle amenities, quality and diverse housing, and strong collaboration between government, business, and schools.  Noblesville attracts skilled talent that serves as a competitive benefit for SMC’s workforce recruitment.  Physical location and an attractive cultural environment with arts, music, shopping and dining lend SMC a thriving community for its staff and also associates visiting from other parts of the country and world. 

Growth Continues

Since its relocation to Noblesville, SMC has continue to  aggressively grow in physical space and workforce.  With the company impressive 1.5 million square feet of space at Cumberland Road and 150th Street, this year SMC announced its $67 million expansion that will add 92 jobs within the next five years.  This expansion includes a 1 million-square-foot distribution center on the company’s existing 174-acre campus at 146th Street and Howe Road. 

“SMC continues to be a bold story in our city’s economic growth landscape,”  said Judi Johnson, Director, City of Noblesville Economic Development.  “Collaborating with SMC to support their growth needs and vision provides direct impact through workforce expansion.  Companies like SMC connect Noblesville to a global operation, and that attracts residents, other business, and a workforce of value.”

In March, the IBJ reported that SMC said it expects to spend nearly $50 million to build the expanded facility and another $18 million to add manufacturing, logistical and information technology equipment.  SMC’s project is forecasted to be completed in 2020 with the new jobs added by 2022. The average employee wage is projected at $26.54 per hour, or about $55,200 per year.

Since it’s move to Noblesville, SMC has doubled its employment and continues to support and contribute to the lifeblood of this community.