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Being Bold. Businesses Making Big Impact Through Bold, Innovation.  An Interview with Matt Rogers, Director of Marketing- BlueSky Technology Partners

Being Bold. Businesses Making Big Impact Through Bold, Innovation. An Interview with Matt Rogers, Director of Marketing- BlueSky Technology Partners

Introduction to BlueSky

BlueSky is an e-commerce consultancy helping companies build and drive their digital business. We leverage our 3 unique business units, that can work together or singular, to support clients in all phases of their digital journey.  Our BlueSky Technology business unit specializes in helping clients with digital transformation strategies and technology including selection, implementation and system integration. Our BlueSky Digital business unit specializes in digital marketing and creative design solutions to drive traffic, optimize user experiences and convert transactions or KPI’s.  Lastly, our BlueSky Staffing business unit provides talent acquisition solutions to source top talent to help our client’s build their teams.

Q: How your business embraces a bold mindset? How does this translate to impact in your industry and on the local economy?

A: Being bold is the price of doing business in our industry because our clients want unique thought leadership and solutions to separate themselves from the competition. Bold for us means each solution or service we deliver for our clients is tailored to their situation which requires our teams to think outside the box. Couple these services with our ability to deliver around the clock support from 3 different geographic locations (Noblesville, Toronto Canada, and Hyderabad India) separates us from the competition.

A lot of our success is due to the strength of our people and what they bring to the table. Our growth has led to hiring talent outside of Indiana and relocating those new hires and their families to Central Indiana, mostly Hamilton County residents to be closer to our headquarters in Noblesville.  Plus we’re hiring locally as well so we believe our impact locally is two-fold– retaining local talent while relocating talented professionals from elsewhere to Indiana.

Q: What does being bold mean internally, as an element of your company culture?

A: In short, our industry niche (eCommerce consulting) is in constantly evolving with new products, processes, and routes to market for clients. This dynamic attribute of our industry corresponds to aggressive customer needs and a fast-moving environment.  As a result, our capabilities are continuously evolving which affords career growth and new competency adoption for our associates. Our associates thrive under these conditions and put forth great efforts to stay competitive. Management embraces this and strives to provide an inviting work/office environment that enhances natural interactive points for work efficiency, collaboration, and fun.

Q: Please share how your innovation-mindset attracts talent in today’s workforce. How important is talent attraction for your business?

A: For BlueSky, our products or deliverables are all based on the intellectual capacities and experience level of our associates within their given role. We’ve built a brand that equates to high-quality innovative solutions, but that really has everything to do with the professionals that are executing those projects and providing the end-deliverables to our clients.  Thus talent attraction is the most important aspect to what makes BlueSky successful.

Q: As a Noblesville business, share a few examples of how the local landscape supports your culture, growth, and ability to be bold.

A: BlueSky has been located in Noblesville since opening our first offices here in 2008.  Since then we’ve outgrown 2 buildings and have at one point operated out of 3 unique locations within Noblesville. To get everyone back under one roof and have a great place to work we moved into our current headquarters in downtown Noblesville in July of 2017. From the first office to our current location we’ve been welcomed with open arms by the City of Noblesville, the Economic Development team within the City and the citizens of the city.  We feel that we’ve been embraced as “one of theirs” so to speak and that is an awesome feeling for our associates and owners. When you combine our new HQ and the future growth potential that Noblesville is forecasting, we see the local landscape changing in a very good way in downtown Noblesville.

Federal Hill Commons is adjacent to BlueSky to the east and that has been a fantastic amenity with summer concerts, the Farmers Market, food truck Friday’s, the playground, the ice skating rink and the green space it offers to our associates and their families when they’re visiting.  With the new restaurants and other multi-use developments on the horizon, the downtown landscape will serve as a true asset to the City and to BlueSky well into the future. It already has for BlueSky’s talent acquisition and client acquisition. Our building, the office environment, and location all show well to recruits and prospective clients.  We’ve had prospects and clients in from coast to coast and they’ve all been downright positively impressed with the image and amenities of Noblesville.

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